Sometimes owning property comes with a set of headaches that goes along with it. When things are calm and working as intended, your home or small business can provide a sense of empowerment or success. However, when trouble comes knocking, those positive feelings can come tumbling down. 


While there are obvious potential problems like water damages or fire damages, there’s another that owners often don’t want to think about and usually is a matter of out of sight, out of mind until it finally shows itself, and that’s mold infestations.

While we are surrounded on average by 200-500 mold spores at all times, at this level mold isn’t a real risk to your property. However, that can easily change when areas have prolonged moisture, often inside of a wall, crawlspace, or attic due to an unseen leak. 

This excess moisture allows mold spores to settle, multiply, and thrive, and soon enough you have a full-blown mold infestation on your hands. By the time it becomes visible to you, it has likely already done a fair amount of spreading.

When you encounter mold on your property, time is of the essence. United Water Restoration Group of Beaverton is the clear choice for mold remediation in the area of Aloha, Oregon and our technicians are standing by to help you today.

Seeking Mold Remediation in Aloha, Oregon?

You may be thinking to yourself that mold can be handled on your own. After all, as long as you handle the mold you can see, the mold you can’t see shouldn’t be a big problem, right? Not necessarily. 

Mold out of sight will continue to spread through your property, and before you know it you not only have a property-wide problem on your hands, you have opened the door to growing health risks including trouble breathing and potential illnesses.

Mold is nothing to trivialize, and hiring a professional mold remediation team isn’t only what’s best for your property and your health, it’s likely going to cost you less money in the long run than if you leave it untreated. 

An average mold remediation job can cost anywhere from $500 to $6,000. Caught early enough, and with insurance coverage, your out-of-pocket costs may not be much at all. 

Trying to ignore the problem could see costs get out of hand quickly. If your insurance provider has reason to believe that you knew of the issue but ignored it, the costs may be entirely out of your pocket.

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If you find yourself in need of mold remediation in the area of Aloha, Oregon, then look no further than our trained mold specialists at United Water Restoration Group of Beaverton

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