Properly Cleaning Smoke Damage

Has your home or commercial building experienced a fire? If so, your property may have smoke damage, like foul odors, yellowed paint or surfaces, and soot throughout the space. But cleaning smoke damage can restore your home and reduce the likelihood of suffering adverse health effects of smoke damage, like respiratory symptoms. That’s why United […]

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Crawl Space Mold Remediation in Beaverton, Oregon

You’ve likely never stopped to think about what exactly lurks below in your crawlspace. After all, it is just a largely empty space save for foundational supports and ductwork right? In a perfect scenario, absolutely. But even the most perfectly maintained homes can have unforeseen enemies lurking in a place like a crawlspace.    That […]

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Attic Mold Remediation in Beaverton, Oregon

Have you been in your attic lately? It’s quite possible that the answer is no. It’s also possible that you can count the number of times you’ve been in your attic in the last few years on two hands or less.    There’s often not much reason to be in your attic at all unless […]

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