Disinfecting & Cleaning Services Beaverton, Oregon 


United Water Restoration Group of Beaverton, Oregon can clean and disinfect your home or business. Cleaning and disinfecting services can help your business stay clean after a regular or busy day of traffic. It can be used by homeowners before or after any social gathering. The cleaning and disinfecting services will kill harmful pathogens, irritants, and allergens. Surface cleaning help improve the air quality in the building as well as protect those who are dependent on it.

Pathogens like the flu or the common cold can spread easily from one person to another. These people may not know they are infected and could spread it without showing symptoms. Our technicians will clean your home by focusing on high-touch surfaces, which are touched a lot but rarely cleaned.  High-touch surfaces include counters, door handles, and cabinets. Taking care of pathogens before they become a widespread problem can reduce the number of coworkers or family members who get sick.

Our technicians in Beaverton, Oregon can make your home or business safe. They will carefully comb through your property, addressing all risk areas, surfaces, and items. We always follow the guidelines from the  CDC, EPA, and OHSA standards to make sure we practice only the best sanitation methods. All of our sanitation technicians are certified in the methods we use.


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Our technicians will come to your home or business and disinfect it. Harmful pathogens can pass from person to person easily, leaving a home or business at risk. Our cleaning and disinfecting experts in Beaverton, Oregon have special equipment for cleaning certain areas and items. A deep clean will remove harmful substances from your home or business while also giving it a bright, clean appearance.

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"I had UWRG of Beaverton come out and do a water clean up after a pipe broke at my moms house, very professional group of individuals and worked fast and efficiently. Would definitely recommend!"
"Exceptional company! Very easy to work with, responsive, on time, and great quality. URWG helped us with water damage mitigation and a small ceiling repair. I would definitely hire them again."