Mold Remediation in Beaverton, Oregon


Mold can show up in many places. Due to its microscopic size in nature, mold spores can get into a room in many, various ways. From a gentle breeze pushing them through an open window to coming off the clothes, you are wearing. Though mold spores are present in nearly every room, once presented with the proper conditions, these spores can form colonies and spread quickly. If the mold gets wet and there is already organic material around the building, it will start to grow and form colonies as a result of mold spores combine with moisture and organic materials like wood or carpeting.

There is no way to get rid of all the molds because they live everywhere. Our mold remediation technicians in Beaverton, Oregon can help clear up your mold infestation. Mold can grow and spread quickly, so you need to act fast. In Beaverton, Oregon our technicians are trained to remediate mold infestations.

The first step is calling our service line at (971) 270-3960. Our service line can connect you with one of our trained technicians. From there, we will schedule an appointment to look at your problem. We carefully look at your property during the inspection and come up with a solution for the problem that has been found on your property.


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For mold remediation in Beaverton, Oregon, our technicians first set up barriers and quarantine the infestation. This will help prevent the spread of mold colonies throughout the room or building. Once we have removed all the mold colonies and set up the barriers, we can start removing excess moisture from the room.

During the final stage of our mold remediation job in Beaverton, Oregon, our technicians will go through your property and deodorize the affected areas. They will also spray procurement treatments that should keep your property safe from future mold outbreaks. We will also do one last thorough search to make sure all colonies and spores have been removed.

Read What Our Mold Remediation Customers Are Saying​

"I had UWRG of Beaverton come out and do a water clean up after a pipe broke at my moms house, very professional group of individuals and worked fast and efficiently. Would definitely recommend!"
"Many thanks to the team at UWRG! Thank you Jake for your excellent customer service- and Alex for your professionalism, great communication, and time in the repair project. I’m particularly impressed with the completed work because our building has very old wallpaper that would be impossible to find, and they did very minimal cutting so they could save the wallpaper- and it looks great! Very precise! Thank you all!"