Water Removal & Extraction in Beaverton, Oregon

United Water Restoration Group of Beaverton, Oregon provides water removal and extraction services to property owners here in Beaverton. Contact us at (971) 803-1711 if your home or business experienced damage caused by a flood, pipe burst, peak, or other water damage event.

Our flood cleanup specialists know how to get water out of your property quickly. We’ll extract all signs of moisture from your home or business. Keep reading to find out how.


Handle Emergency Water Removal in Beaverton, Oregon

Water from a pipe burst or flood can severely damage your property. Getting the water out right away helps to limit the damages. We focus on stopping additional water from entering your home or business. We also work quickly to get out water with:

  •         Industrial-strength wet/dry vacuums
  •         Submersible water removal pumps

Let us drain excess water out of your property quickly. United Water Restoration Group of Beaverton, Oregon has the training and experience to handle water extraction for you right now.


Protect Your Possessions During Beaverton Water Removal

Taking care of your possessions is important after a flood or major storm.  Our technicians can pack out your home or business. This allows us to store your belongings in a safe location as we work on water extraction and clean-up

After your property is clean and dry, your possessions are returned. This allows you to get back to your feet after a sewage backup, winter storm, or flood in Beaverton, Oregon.


Get Rid of All Moisture After a Flood

Water removal in Beaverton involves getting rid of all obvious excess water. However, water extraction also requires the removal of hidden moisture. We can look for all traces of moisture with:

  •         Moisture detectors
  •         Infrared scanners

Our team uses dehumidifiers and fans to completely dry out your property after a pipe burst or flood. Note that moisture can allow mold to grow in your property, so allow us to dry out your home or business now.


Contact Us for Water Removal in Beaverton

United Water Restoration Group is here to help you with water removal in Beaverton, Oregon. We’ll extract water from your property and begin repairs right now. Just call (971) 803-1711 and allow us to provide you with the assistance you want.

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